Box Mod Vape – Best of 2017 2018

A smok alien kit is one of the leading top-quality vaping products thanks to the brilliant Chinese technology. It is ranked at the top vape mod box in a ranking by E-cigarettePROs Max. It is the most advanced device for novice vapers. The all-in-one kit features superior performance and high power output. Likewise, the device does not compromise on quality. Further; when vaping, the user can choose different color combinations depending on taste and preference. The kit consists of a high-power mod, baby beast tank and a spare glass tube. Let’s look at smok alien mods kit review in details;

200W Mod for cloud chasing


It is stylish and beautiful

The box is sleek and small. It is made from zinc alloy which makes it light in weight. The rear and the front faces of the mod have a metallic while the casing has a black color finish. The back side has a carbon fiber panel while the tank is made of a glass material. The smok alien kit is available in different colors which include red, blue, gold, silver and gun metal colors. In addition, it fits well on the hand. Further, it’s also comfortable when held with hands due to the smooth finish.

Alien boxPerformance

One can vape at 220W.The kit performs well when the tank is full. To add to the high performance, there are a number of air slots to optimize on airflow.

It’s easy to use

Through the digital OLED screen, you can enjoy the different settings of the mod. For instance, you can adjust you can adjust the contrast and the display timeout. Likewise, it is easy to navigate through the menu. On the other hand, it has a USB port and up and down buttons which makes it convenient to use. In fact, once you hold the power buttons at the same time, you can easily access the menu. Further, it comes with a sliding top fill mechanism which makes it easy to fill the e-liquid into the tank. Once you close the cap, you wait for about five minutes for the cotton to be saturated then it will be ready for use.

Smok vape mods

Temperature control

The smok alien kit enables the user to fine control the temperature since it supports stainless steel, titanium and nickel. The temperature control vaping mode ranges between 100� to 315�. One can raise the wattage if you prefer a hotter vape. Further, your lips are kept safe even when the tank is hot.

Hinged battery door

This allows easy battery swaps.


It requires firm pressure to operate well

Smok Alien Kit

In a nut shell, the smok alien kit is unquestionably the perfect device for novice vapers. It features an attractive design and offers high performance. The ample airflow control system makes it an outstanding device.